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The Original High-Performance Nozzles for Candy Depositors

The Original High-Performance Nozzles for Candy Depositors

SKU: 3142

These nozzles fit onto *Truffly Made® Universal / Pralinenfix 2000 candy depositors for maximum throughput and minimum maintenance with high viscosity syrups and syrups that easily solidify with cooling.


Our biggest customer asked us to develop a better nozzle for their *Truffly Made® candy depositors on pectin syrups.  After many iterations, we ended up machining them out of solid stainless steel.  Since then, we have produced over 600 nozzles in over 8 states, and Canada, with complete customer satisfaction.


  • Our nozzles have a larger 6mm internal diameter, resulting in significantly less clogging and less forces within the Candy Depositor, especially when working with syrups for gummies.
  • These nozzles are designed for high volume candy production and they will result in less maintenance to the cable actuation system.
  • Since each nozzle is machined from a solid block of 304 stainless steel, it can withstand greater misuse, temperature extremes.
  • The Eccentroid nozzles have a smooth internal bore with no cracks for syrup to accumulate because they are made from one block of stainless steel, instead of 2 pieces press-fit together.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Testing and simulation has shown that these nozzles are much less susceptible to clogging due to better temperature uniformity

Suitable for Truffly Made (tm) Universal Depositors.




Aaron Nutter, Wana® Depositor Technician, 2018

"There has been at least a 90% reduction in the number of repairs and stops in the machine. Before the nozzles were replaced, it was at least once or twice a month that the machines needed to be repaired. Now, it barely happens ever, even though there has been a significant increase in production.Problems that developed with the Candy Machines:As more and more force was required to be applied to the lever arm, the following problems would develop:

1)The lever arm would be bent physically

2)The drive cables would snap

3)The O-rings on the pistons would be constantly blown out

4)The O-rings on the check valves would be blown out, pushing the valves through the front of the piston assemblyOf these four problems, #2, #3, and #4 were the most serious and would require decommission of the machine.

The Eccentroid nozzles reduced the internal pressure, which will also reduce the overall wear and tear on the piston assembly and the rest of the machine."


*Eccentroid LLC is not representative, affiliated or associated with Wana®, Truffly Made®, Truffly Made Inc. & Truffly Made Europe, Pralinenfix or their respective parent corporations. All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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