Candy Nozzles for Truffly depositors

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$200.00Sale Price
  • The Eccentroid nozzles have a larger

6mm internal diameter, resulting in
significantly less clogging and less
forces within the Truffly Depositor,
especially when working with syrups
for gummies.

  • These nozzles are designed for high

volume candy production and they will
result in less maintenance to the
cable actuation system.

  • Since each nozzle is machined from a

solid block of 303 stainless steel, it
can withstand greater misuse,
temperature extremes.

  • The Eccentroid nozzle design has no

cracks for syrup to accumulate
because they are made from one
block of stainless steel, instead of 2
pieces press-fit together. The internal
bores are even polished.

  • 1 year warranty