Eccentroid LLC provides Engineering, and Manufacturing services.


We have experience engineering solutions in Optics, Plasma physics, and Food processing.  Our unique background in Physics and Machining allows us to understand your problems, think outside-the-box, and come up with manufacturable solutions.  

We are based out of Loveland, Colorado and we available for informal guidance or a quote.


SCIP (Simultaneous Collimated Illumination Platform)

This optical test set repurposed a JPL illumination platform to scan the field of view of an imaging spectrometer, which Edwin also designed.

The frame was designed to be extremely rigid to avoid any resonant frequencies at the cryocooler frequency (60Hz) and to be above the vibration isolator cutoff frequency (15Hz).  The monochromator was mounted on vibration isolators and it had minimal vibration.

Edwin designed a system of 'Cassettes' with mirrors to adjust to the individual misalignments in the boresight of the instrument.

2019-07-28 12.44.37-1.jpg
One of the resonant modes that Edwin modeled on the SCIP frame.
The completed SCIP successfully minimized the vibration of the cryocoolers to allow precise optical calibration of the imaging spectrometer.

           Pouch Opener

Our customer had an issue getting the bottom of a pouch to pop out so that they can fill it with spices.
We built this pouch opener in 1 week. Now it is being used in the factory and is opening 1000s of pouches per day.


CAD Design Completed within 3 days


The Pouch Opener was delivered and put into production

Due to in-house Machining and Welding, we completed the functioning product within 1 week

           Button Swivel Puncher

A local firearms accessory customer makes slings which require 1000's of button swivels per month.  They are committed to 100% Made-in-USA, but the supply of button swivels was disrupted.  Now they are making button swivels in-house.


Because of our machine design experience, we completed our CAD design within 1 week; and it worked the first time.

First test before button swivels introduced


Due to our experienced machining capabilities, we finished the mechanical assembly in house 4 weeks.


Since this is a prototype, we used a scalable controls architecture with lots of room to spare.


The machine was delivered to the customer and it successfully assembled and punched its first button swivel.