CNC Milling

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Since 1995 our certified machinist has worked in 9 different machine shops gathering a depth of experience in setups and techniques.  

CNC Turning

Precision turning is our expertise.  We are versatile on prototype work, yet competitive on high volume manufacturing.



Our welders are skilled at 6G structural, sanitary stainless, and aluminum welding for aircraft applications.

Heat Exchangers

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We combine an experienced thermal engineer with an experienced fabricator to completely solve your custom heat exchanger needs.

Sheet Metal Production

We design and build custom dies plus provide manufacturing to give you control over your sheet metal parts supply chain.

Problem Solving

We bring an un-paralleled number of skills to solve your unique challenges.


Ikegai TU-30 CNC Lathe

Swing Diameters: 25.9in / 660mm over bed, 17.3in / 440mm over the cross-slide

Max working length:  57.5in / 1460mm

Distance between centers 59.1in / 1500mm

Spindle bore: 3.625in / 92mm

Spindle speeds: 6 - 2500 RPM

Spindle power output: 35-30hp (30min-continuous)

Number of tools: 12

Max ctr-ctr supporting weight: 1760lbs

Max cutting force: 1760lbs

Hamai MC-6VA CNC Mill

Description: This is an extremely rigid milling machine built to take heavy cuts on hard steels.  it can remove up to 30in^3 of steel per minute. 

TABLE SURFACE:                                   71" X 35"

WORKING SURFACE:                            63" X 25.6"

T-SLOT (iN.X N):                                     0.709 X 5

X-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     49.2" / 1250mm

Y-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     25.6" / 650mm

Z-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     21.6" / 550mm

SPINDLE SPEED:                                    15-4,000 RPM

SPINDLE MOTOR:                                25HP

SPINDLE NOSE TO TABLE:                 9.90" - 31.50"


NUMBER OF TOOLS:                           24 ATC

MAX. ADJACENT DIAMETER:             4.3"

MAX. TOOL LENGTH:                          13.8"

MAX. TOOL WEIGHT:                           33 LBS

TOOL SHANK:                                      CAT. 50

TABLE LOAD CAPACITY:                          4,400 LBS

MACHINE WEIGHT:                             27,000 LBS

Z height is roughly 600mm / 24in, but it completely depends on tool length
Takang TNC-10A CNC Lathe

Swing over bed / Sub plateØ 400 /120 mm

Chuck sizeØ 210 mm


Spindle bearing diameterØ 100 mm

Spindle boreØ 62 mm

Bar capacityØ 52 mm

Spindle speed range40-4000 rpm

Longitudinal carriage travel (Z)340 mm

Cross slide travel (x)450 mm

MotorSpindleβ 18ip AC 9/11 kw

X Axis AC servoAC 1.8 kw

Z Axis AC servoAC 1.8 kw

Misc.Gross weight3500 kgs

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Thermal Dynamics TS185 TIG Welder

Description: This welder does multiple waveforms and is excellent for welding aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, steel, copper, etc...

Current: 185A

Miller 210 MIG Welder

Description: This welder welds steel 4x faster than the TIG welder.  Right now, it is only configured to weld steel.  The 210Amp current achieves excellent penetration for structural applications.

Current: 210A

Press Brake

Description: This 55ton press brake is designed to bend a 1/8in thick mild steel, 8ft wide

Bridgeport Mill

Spindle power: 2hp / 1.5kw

X travel: 30in

Y travel: 11in

Leblond Lathe

Swing Diameters: 19.3in / 492mm over bed, 12.9in / 328mm over carriage

Distance between centers 78.3in / 1990mm

Power: 10hp

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