Ikegai TU-30 CNC Lathe

Swing Diameters: 25.9in / 660mm over bed, 17.3in / 440mm over the cross-slide

Max working length:  57.5in / 1460mm

Distance between centers 59.1in / 1500mm

Spindle bore: 3.625 / 92mm

Spindle speeds: 6 - 2500 RPM

Spindle power output: 35-30hp (30min-continuous)

Number of tools: 12

Max ctr-ctr supporting weight: 1760lbs

Max cutting force: 1760lbs

Leblond Lathe

Swing Diameters: 19.3in / 492mm over bed, 12.9in / 328mm over carriage

Distance between centers 78.3in / 1990mm

Power: 10hp

Hamai MC-6VA CNC Mill

Description: This is an extremely rigid milling machine built to take heavy cuts on hard steels.  it can remove up to 30in^3 of steel per minute. 

TABLE SURFACE:                                   71" X 35"

WORKING SURFACE:                            63" X 25.6"

T-SLOT (iN.X N):                                     0.709 X 5

X-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     49.2" / 1250mm

Y-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     25.6" / 650mm

Z-AXIS TRAVEL:                                     21.6" / 550mm

SPINDLE SPEED:                                    15-4,000 RPM

SPINDLE MOTOR:                                25HP

SPINDLE NOSE TO TABLE:                 9.90" - 31.50"


NUMBER OF TOOLS:                           24 ATC

MAX. ADJACENT DIAMETER:             4.3"

MAX. TOOL LENGTH:                          13.8"

MAX. TOOL WEIGHT:                           33 LBS

TOOL SHANK:                                      CAT. 50

TABLE LOAD CAPACITY:                          4,400 LBS

MACHINE WEIGHT:                             27,000 LBS

Z height is roughly 600mm / 24in, but it completely depends on tool length
Thermal Dynamics TS185 TIG Welder

Description: This welder does multiple waveforms and is excellent for welding aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, steel, copper, etc...

Current: 185A

Thermal Arc Cutmaster 38 Plasma Cutter

Description: This plasma cutter makes a clean cut through steel up to 3/8in thick and aluminum up to 3/16in thick.

Miller 210 MIG Welder

Description: This welder welds steel 4x faster than the TIG welder.  Right now, it is only configured to weld steel.  The 210Amp current achieves excellent penetration for structural applications.

Current: 210A

Press Brake

Description: This 55ton press brake is designed to bend a 1/8in thick mild steel, 8ft wide

Bridgeport Mill

Spindle power: 2hp / 1.5kw

X travel: 30in

Y travel: 11in

Takang TNC-10A CNC Lathe

Swing over bed / Sub plateØ 400 /120 mm

Chuck sizeØ 210 mm


Spindle bearing diameterØ 100 mm

Spindle boreØ 62 mm

Bar capacityØ 52 mm

Spindle speed range40-4000 rpm

Longitudinal carriage travel (Z)340 mm

Cross slide travel (x)450 mm

MotorSpindleβ 18ip AC 9/11 kw

X Axis AC servoAC 1.8 kw

Z Axis AC servoAC 1.8 kw

Misc.Gross weight3500 kgs