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Confection Connection Bar

Confection Connection Bar


This bar is a performance upgrade to the Truffly* Universal / Pralinenfix* 2000 depositor.  This rigid bar is machined out of solid stainless steel and it replaces the stock sheet metal bar.  The purpose of this bar is to transfer force from the candy depositor's actuation mechanism to the pistons while preventing the pistons from prying loose from the bar under high loads; such as in hard candy making. 


Benefits of the Confection Connection Bar

  1. Retains the pistons better under high loads while making hard candy
  2. More rigidity for better accuracy
  3. More strength and durability
  4. Easier to install because you don't need to hammer out roll-pins


*Eccentroid LLC is not representative, affiliated or associated with Truffly Made®, Truffly Made Inc. & Truffly Made Europe, Pralinenfix or their respective parent corporations. All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.


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