transforming challenging problems into manageable assets

  • More calculations and communication

  • More design experience

  • More manufacturing experience

  • Faster lead time

  • More production cost savings

Our team of engineers, machinists, welders, and robots is small yet vertically integrated enough to deliver timely solutions.  Call to schedule a free 25 minute consultation.


With 17 years of experience engineering solutions in environments ranging from plasma physics experiments to FAA approved airborne payloads to food processing equipment, we are prepared to interpret your needs and deliver solutions that work.


Our staff can tackle all of your controls and programming to deliver a turn-key solution.  Our engineers and affiliates have a combined decades of experience at LabView development and controls engineering.  We can set you on the right path for your  goals.


Our team is prepared to meet your manufacturing demands by utilizing a range of techniques from machining, to welding, to punching over 6,000 parts per day .

Machines and Capacities