Molecular Still

Molecular Still

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This Short Path Wiped Film evaporator has been designed, from the ground up ,to rapidly separate compounds that have only slightly different boiling points.  It can be used in many places throughout any high-throughput refinement process, adhering to ASME BPE standards on material, cleanability, and surface finish.  


This still features 0.5m^2 of evaporation surface area and 0.92m^2 of condensation surface area.


Its design probably the most easily cleaned on the market.  The rotor can be removed with only an allen wrench because the rest of the components are attached with tri clamps.


Wetted materials include PTFE and Viton (FKM) and 303, 304, 316 stainless steel.


This still provides the maximum amount of access to all of the surface, allowing you to thoroughly clean any residues, and switch from one product to another with peace of mind.

We build our stills with only the inert, high temperature gaskets and seals, such as PTFE and FKM, making your product better than food grade.


Our molecular still has been designed and built with complete adherence to Class 1 Div 1 of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards 70 and 496.  This important if you separate any flammable solvents or if you are in the same room with any flammable solvents.  By adhering to this explosion proof standard, we help to secure your investment by maintaining a safe laboratory.


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